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Ice Castles in New Hampshire February 2020

Here are some photos taken from the Ice Castles, in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. This is one of the 6 Ice Castles in the US and Canada that they open every year. The ice structures are made entirely from ice that they grow and groom everyday. There are also lights embedded within the ice so it is even more amazing in the evening. It is truly a winter wonderland.

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Install Perl module in your home directory

To install a Perl module in your home directory is helpful for a couple of reasons. 1) It doesn’t require root permission. 2) It’s installed separately from the site-wide installed modules, hence can coexist with those modules and useful when trying a module that has different version with what’s already installed.

$ perl -MCPAN -e shell PREFIX=~/lib/perl LIB=~/lib/perl
cpan> install
cpan> quit

Assuming that you want it installed on the directory lib/perl on your home directory. Also, don’t forget to set PERL5LIB:

export PERL5LIB=~/lib/perl:$PERL5LIB

Rollback a file in a subversion repository

To rollback a file in the working directory to a previous version in the repository:
svn -r <revnum> update <filename>

Where is the revision number you want to rollback into; is the file you want to rollback.